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Elevator Chuck
Elevator chuck

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Product Information

Elevator/chuck is a kind of pneumatic operating tool, which is applicable to casing of 4.1/2" - 24.1/2". 305-ton type can bear 3150KN (700,000 pounds), and 500-ton type can bear 4500KN (1,000,000 pounds). The device is pneumatic, and it is manufactured and assembled by safe blocking mechanism, 4 independent slip bodies and standard auxiliary parts. The main body can be equipped with casing elevator or chuck.When elevator is used, conical inducer and lower guide ring can be installed, and when chuck is used, upper guide ring can be installed to help centering of chuck and main bushing.


Technical Parameters:

1. Applicable pipe diameter (in): 2 3/8-24 1/2, 4-14, 16-20, 16-24 1/2, 4 1/2-13 3/8; 2. Maximum load (tons): 150-500; 3. Working pressure (MPa): 0.6-0.8.

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