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ERUI International USA LLC

ERUI International USA was founded in 2016, as a subsidiary of ERUI International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd in Dongying, China. We are leveraging the extensive and in-depth supply chain system and sales network of ERUI International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd in China. Not only do we inherit the vision and goals from the headquarters but also focus more on opening the market in the United States. Customers can obtain cost-efficient products in the oil and gas industry from Chinese manufacturers more easily and quickly, and experience comprehensive service, logistics, after-sales and localization.

After several years of development, ERUI International USA already has a diversified local team to execute sales, purchasing and customer service. In the domestic market, we are dedicated to obtaining the best purchasing experience for our customers. Currently, our online platform lists the products from more than 5,000 manufacturers in China.

Our target is to introduce the Oil and Gas products in China to U.S. customers professionally, transparently, efficiently, and effectively.

ERUI International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Established in 2017 and located in Dongying City, Shandong Province, China, ERUI International focuses on high-end intelligent equipment and accessories consumables, industrial tools, general equipment and other industrial products in the oil and gas energy field, and can provide with dewaxing and anti-wax, rodless pump lifting, water shutoff profile control, sand Control, and water injection process solutions.


Efficient Supply Chain Service e-Platform in Oil & Gas Industry


High-efficiency Supply Chain

ERUI Value-based Service

ERUI Value-based Service

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One-stop purchasing service

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